Ripple V2: A Better Game

by Brian Picciano - (7 min read)

Movement: Arrow keys or WASD
Jump: Space
Goal: Jump as many times as possible without touching a ripple!

Press Jump To Begin!

Who can make the muddy water clear?
Let it be still, and it will gradually become clear.

Your browser doesn't support canvas. At this point in the world that's actually pretty cool, well done!

Score: 0


There’s been two major changes to the mechanics of the game since the previous version:

  • A new ripple is created only if there are no ripples on the field already, or if the player has jumped over an existing ripple.

  • The score is increased only if a ripple is created, and is increased by the number of bounces off the wall that ripple will have. Put another way, the score is increased based on how high you jump.

Other small changes include:

  • Ripple growth rate has been modified. It’s now harder for a player to run into the ripple they just created.

  • Ripple thickness indicates how many bounces are left in the ripple. This was the case previously, but it’s been made more obvious.

  • Small performance improvements.